Noosa Dreams…..


I haven’t been in the kitchen too much lately. The weather has been too delightful to spend a lot of time indoors. Last weekend saw us take a sneaky little getaway to one of our favourite destinations, Noosa. 

After doing my market shop on Saturday morning, we jumped in the car and sang our hearts out to Alanis Morrisette’s classic album, Jagged Little Pill. Halfway through our second CD change we had arrived! After dumping our stuff in the room we went for a short wander through town and picked up a couple of trinkets for the house, before depositing ourselves on the beach to catch some rays. Cherries in vivid scarlet were the ultimate beach time snack to pop in one’s mouth. I’m sure I must have said at least ten times to Mr Market Basket - I cannot believe this is winter….

We enjoyed a couple of holiday drinks that night, but were in bed early as we wanted to be sure to make the most of the following day. In the morning we headed down to the nearby surf club on the beach and tucked into breakfast. Predictably, Mr Market Basket chose the largest offering on the menu, the ironman breakfast. He made quick work of it, and was suitably fuelled for the day. This was the view while we ate our breakfast, not bad eh?

One of my favourite past times when visiting Noosa is walking around from Hastings Street to the National Park. It’s a pleasant stroll along a timber boardwalk that hugs the curves of the hills. Glimpses of aquamarine are constantly present through the lacey fronds of the rainforest along the way. Upon arriving to the National Park we wandered through to the little beach of Tea Tree Bay. Again the beach towels were unfurled as we soaked up the warmth of the sun. Some people were swimming but the water was a tad too chilly to coax me in for a dip. I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of the many pumice stones scattered along the beach to take home to keep my feet in tip top condition.

I’ve been going to Noosa since I was a kid and I never tire of it. Over the years it has changed in that it’s become more popular but I still appreciate the beauty and relaxing holiday vibe it possesses. It’s so great that it’s an easy getaway from Brisbane, less than 2 hours drive. You’ll find a melange of people here, some who are obviously wealthy, along with a generous mix of backpackers hailing from all over the world, and others like us who just come up to escape the city for a weekend. We came back feeling recharged after our fantastic mini beach break. If you’re ever up this way it’s definitely worth a visit, especially this time of year.

I’ve missed cooking/blogging lately, particularly as I’ve been inspired by other wonderful blogs out there. I’ll be back in the kitchen this weekend with a new offering for you to come shortly. Right now though I’m off to the enjoy the Brisbane Ekka. Yay for midweek public holidays!


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9 Responses to Noosa Dreams…..

  1. Amanda says:

    I look forward to more blogs from you soon. Loved this one on Noosa though, your photos are just gorgeous!

  2. Sonia says:

    How envious are we in Adelaide. Love the photos

  3. Peita says:

    John and I love Noosa ! How fab the weather looks and it was great to see your photos! I see you know the Noosa secret- surf club for great view…

    • Isn’t it just awesome? Yes we went to the Surf Club for dinner and breakfast, it’s pretty hard to beat in terms of position. It would be great if Hastings Street had a cheese shop though, maybe you should consider relocating lol?..

      • Peita says:

        Yes!! It would be fun to be in Hastings St. but I remember seeing a few empty shops over the visits to Noosa!
        My talented son, Julian has made a film clip about our Cheese shop- I will try to send it to you, thought you might be interested.

  4. Peita says:

    Hi again, if you can send your email address, I will share the film clip.

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